The perils of window shopping

I’ve been stalking the Multiple Listing Service (the Canadian source for real estate listings) for ages. I’ve tracked prices, compared regions, looked for signs of a turndown in the market (which would be bad news for home owners but great news for first time buyers like us). Lately, of course, I’ve been studying the region that Husband and I have settled upon as the home of our future Dream Property. I figure it’s good to watch the market closely, right?

Well, it’s good to be informed but it can have its downsides, too. Yesterday I stumbled across a listing that is, basically, my dream farm. Right there on MLS with perfect price tag attached. It’s 4.8 acres, has a 3 bd + 3 bth rancher (did I mention that I loooove ranchers?), a lovely barn with matching workshop, chicken coop, pumphouse and playhouse. There are pastures already cross-fenced for horses, irrigation systems built in, and even a small seasonal creek running through the property. And mature fruit trees. It has a view of the mountains, privacy, but it’s only 5 minutes from town (think: run to the store for milk) and about 15 min away from the larger town where we’d do major shopping and homelearning activities.

It’s totally, freaking, perfect. And we can’t buy it. Too soon to move, not enough money yet, etc. So on the one hand I’m thrilled to know my dream property exists, yet totally bummed because it’s being listed right now and someone ELSE is going to own it! Argh!

I know, I should just call Mr. Listing Agent and tell him he’s not allowed to sell it until December at which time its rightful owner (yes, that would be ME) will come to claim it. And he should stop giving out the brochure with all the pretty photos because that will just make people upset when they realize that they can’t have it (because it’s mine). In fact, I should suggest he just pull it off MLS right now so as not to disappoint all those whose destiny lies elsewhere. I’m sure he’ll be reasonable about it. You can’t fight Karma, you know.


One response to this post.

  1. Aww, too bad, what a heartbreaker. It looks beautiful. But there will be more, all in good time, I’m sure.


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