‘Tis the season to be hairless

The weather has finally warmed up to where it’s time to pull out those shorts, cropped pants, and tank tops. And if you’re a woman (and perhaps even if you’re a man) your thoughts immediately turn to the beauty regimen.

Me, personally, I don’t shave my legs all winter. My skin hates it (gets too dry), it takes up a lot of time, and in the spirit of my newfound sense of frugality it costs money (razors, shaving cream, hot water). Husband and I have long passed the time when I’d shave my legs in anticipation of seeing him, and he soon decided that getting scratched at night by my stubble-laden legs was more of a concern than whether I deemed him worthy of intense grooming sessions on my part.

In anticipation of the annual deforestation of my lower legs last week I sat contemplating the matter. Did I want to start spending money on razors only to toss them away? Did I want to support the production and distribution of a plastic disposable item whose sole purpose is to help women succumb to societal pressure to “look good” by removing their body hair? (note: Green Bean pointed out some eco-friendly razors but the cost issue still stands) Now, I’m a pretty hairy person but most of the hair on my body is light in texture and blondish. I don’t shave my upper legs and they look fine. But years and years of shaving my lower legs has resulted in the growth of thick, coarse, dark hair. As much as I want to free myself from the bonds of consumerism and the chains of the fashion industry, I cannot help but admit that dark hairy legs just ruin the look of a pretty summer skirt. And try as I might I cannot get used to the sight of dark clumps of hair on a woman’s armpits.

I wanted to like my dark hairy legs and my hairy armpits, I wanted to just let it all go and say goodbye to razor purchases. I wanted to be more natural and less a victim of the beauty industry. But I just couldn’t do it. So I clear cut the lower legs, shaved the ‘pits, and am now trying to figure out what I can do to reduce the environmental and cost impact of hirsutiphobia (and yes, that’s a made up name).


5 responses to this post.

  1. Ditto! I am also a summer shaver. Sigh. My girls will rub my legs in the winter and tell me that I am too hairy!


  2. Wax!


  3. I too am a shaver, once a week in winter, a bit more often in summer. I’ve managed to ditch the shaving cream though, in favor of at first those old fashioned shaving mug soaps, and now, some goat’s milk soap from my farmer’s market guy! Nice lather!


  4. Posted by Dawn on June 4, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    I shave although not very often. I probably go through 2 shavers a year, so I feel pretty good about not causing TOO much waste.
    I find if you get a razer with 3 blades they stay sharp longer, fyi. And I just use soap and water and a little cream after my shower.


  5. Posted by glor on March 13, 2009 at 6:30 am

    try IPL laser treatments. It removes hair permanently.


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