One Local Summer: week #4


As part of our desire for a more sustainable diet we don’t eat much meat. We’ll have it about once a week. I have switched to buying only ethical meat and while we have a lot of ethical beef in the freezer (we buy a half-cow from a local farm each year and share it with my mother) it is not easy to find ethically raised chicken and pork. I’ve been getting the occasional Cornish Hen from Goldwing but they haven’t had any chicken yet. I have found pork sausage from Pasture-to-Plate but so far no pork chops.

I actually love that these items are hard to find because it adds even more to the sense of value. It’s a treat when I get my hands on some sausages and you can best believe I’m going to make them last. Meat should be considered a treat, a Sunday-dinner type of meal, and not an everyday staple. I’ve noticed that the atmosphere of the Supermarket – anything you want any time of year, in abundance – is beginning to appear excessive to me in the context of the farmer’s market atmosphere where you need to come early to snap up the fresh local organic eggs, or the first batches of crisp rhubarb. There’s something about the latter that makes me truly cherish the products I buy.

Fish has become another way of including animal protein into our diet and we are lucky to have a wonderful local business that fishes sustainably and ethically. I purchase one salmon fillet whenever I go to the farmer’s market. It’s well under $10 and provides two large portions for me and Husband (the kids won’t eat fish unless it is battered and deep-friend and passed off as chicken nuggets; oh the Shame!!). This week’s meal is one way of preparing the fish; we have also used it roasted and shredded as a hearty addition to a bowl of salad.

The salmon dish pictured above is easy to prepare and very tasty. The salmon came from Iron Maiden Seafoods, hook-and-line caught and frozen-at-sea in local waters. It was cooked by spreading Dijon Mustard (not local) on the fillet and then topped with a mixture of bread crumbs and fresh herbs from our garden. It was served with tossed salad greens from our garden and a glass of homemade wine (we use a local on-premise winemaking company). The lemons were roasted with the fish and are not local, but as a garnish I’m hoping that’s okay. 

sincerely, the Happy Omnivore


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  1. See if anyone carries Sloping Hill pork in your area – they’re on the island, but maybe have a distributor on the mainland?

    The pork is *fantastic*. And you can get roasts with the skin on for crackling… mmmmm


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