Worried about the “kids”

It has been raining on and off here for the last few days. Mostly on lately. I’m very worried about my little tomatoes.

I have three plants, a Tommy Toes, a SunGold and a Purple Russian. The SunGold has been spectacular, with huge growth and adult-sized green cherry tomatoes everywhere. The Tommy Toes is a close second, and finally some neat-looking Purple Russians are appearing. 

And then I was perusing the West Coast Seeds catalogue looking for some more stuff to plant and I read about Blight. Apparently it is a killer here on the West Coast and they advised not to let your plants sit in rain for more than 48 hours. Unfortunately, I don’t have a single thing around here with which to cover them. 

When I decided to do gardening this year I wanted to keep it simple as it is easy to feel intimidated and overwhelmed. So I decided no sprouting seedlings, no cloches, no fancy clear plastic sheets…just plant and see what happens. I’m wondering now if I’m just re-inventing the wheel and having to go through heartaches that others have long moved beyond.

At this point it is probably too late. The weather is supposed to clear up over the next couple of days and then I’ll find out if my tomatoes are going to survive. I inspected them closely yesterday and could find no black patches, but I suspect they may take some time to develop. I’m very sad about this, but I’m also chalking it up to a learning experience. Next year I will plant them in a spot where I can protect them if need be. I’ve also decided to go ahead and order Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades by Steve Solomon. I want to order “Year-Round Harvest: Winter Gardening on the Coast” by Linda Gilkeson but I can’t seem to find a copy anywhere on the ‘Net. 

Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed that some of my little tomatoes make it through this rain!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve always planted 4 tomato plants in a bed that sits partly under the overhang of an evergreen tree (the tree is to the north, so doesn’t block the light) and I’ve never covered them OR had blight. That said, I expanded to 8 plants this year and the 4 new ones are in my new beds…out in the open and fully exposed to the rain. I suspect we’ll both be learning the same lesson this year…

    As for the Linda Gilkeson book, check out http://www.saltspringseeds.com – you may want to combine the order of the book with some other items though, as the delivery charge is rather pricey.

    Good luck with the “kids”!


  2. Fingers crossed for you and the ‘kids’ 🙂

    It’s not hard to find some neat things to order at Saltspring Seeds – that’s were I got my Zero Mile Diet kit.


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