bug repellant and body care


With summer here and us doing lots of camping we’ve experienced mosquitos frequently. In early summer, a trip up north subjected my poor kids to a choice between being sprayed with neurotoxins (DEET) or being eaten alive by mosquitos (DS got over 100 bites on his little body, with a swollen ear and eyelid as a result). While browsing at the farmer’s market I came across an all-natural “2 way” insect repellant. The owner of the business (who recently purchased it) said that customers have sworn that it is effective at both repelling biting insects and also soothing bites after the fact. I took a chance, desperately wanting to find an alternative to OFF and the like. 

I’m pleased to report that under mild-to-normal dusk mosquito conditions the stuff appears to truly work. I experimented on alternate nights and definitely noticed a difference when I didn’t apply the pleasant-smelling lotion – a mixture of coconut and jojoba oils with several essential oils mixed in, including pepperment, citronella, tea tree, etc. And it does feel nice and soothing on any bites you do get. The true test would be a spring evening when the mosquitos are out in full, but for now we’re going to stick with this stuff. 

The company is called Sunshine Coast Natural Care Co. and the product is called Kasandra’s 2 Way Insect Repellant. A 120 mL bottle was $8 and it does go a long way (OFF is similarly priced and lasts similarly long). Unfortunately they don’t have a website up, although one is apparently in the works. You can reach them to order or ask questions by calling 604-885-7866 or 1-888-844-7627 toll free. The owner, Thea Small, can also be reached at thea_small@hotmail.com.

A word about the soaps: they are divine. Not only are they 100% natural, with beautiful dyes that are all sourced from natural flower and herb extracts, but the scents are lovely AND they come wrapped in tissue paper/cardboard so it’s a totally recyclable package. The owner told me that she will soon be switching to a hemp-paper product that is more sustainable. But still, many natural soaps come wrapped in shrink-wrapped plastic, if you can believe it! My favorite flavour is Mandarin Orange, followed by Citrus Poppy. The soaps are $6 for a bar that measures 2.5″ W x 3″L x 7/8″ thick which is less expensive than other ones I’ve found. AND you can buy 4 for $20 which is really a steal. To top it all off, they last a good long time, particularly if you store them on a soap rack that allows for air circulation. 

Some of you may remember that I was looking for shampoo bars. Well, Sunshine Coast’s only shampoo bar is a flea-repellant one for pets. However, they do make liquid shampoos which will soon be available in re-usable glass bottles. I’ll be waiting for that development! In the meantime, my previously purchased mega-bottle of chemical-laden shampoo is almost down to empty, so I’ll be searching for a shampoo bar and will keep you posted on what I end up getting.


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  1. Those soaps are just gorgeous to look at, I can only imagine what they smell and feel like. How cool that they are dyed naturally as well 🙂 The repellent sounds very promising too – Spring would be The Test, for sure.

    Have you tried the Lush shampoo bar? I have heard others quite like it, although I haven’t tried myself. I’m still a fan of my Nature Clean shampoo, although it does come in a plastic bottle -it’s refillable though!


  2. Those sound like wonderful products. I know we are supposed to use deet because of West Nile but I kind of take my chances with it.


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