Another step away from plastic


This Christmas I asked my mother to buy us a set of Sigg bottles, so that I could finally ditch the plastic water bottles we carry around with us everywhere. I reuse them but there seems to be some strong evidence that at least one ingredient, bisphenol A, leaches out of the plastic – especially when exposed to high temperatures such as those found during a dishwasher cycle – and that it is potentially toxic.

But even if one is skeptical about the health effects, there is no longer any doubt that plastics pollute in a very nasty way. It would almost be better if they just sat there in the landfills forever but they do degrade somewhat, ending up as little pellets that find their way into animals’ bellies, into the ocean, and accumulate along with other bite-size particles of matter that many sea creatures eat.

For all these reasons I have wanted to get rid of our dependency on water bottles, but it’s been hard to fork out the hundred dollars or so required to give one to each family member. There are cheaper metal bottles out there, but I’ve been told that Siggs give the least “metallic taste” to the water. My feeling is that while plasticky water tastes unpleasant and is likely conferring toxic chemicals into our bodies, metallic-tasting water is probably doing the same thing and therefore not exactly a healthier alternative. Sigg bottles seems to have a special coating that prevent any leaching of metal into the water. 

The kids are loving having their own bottles and so am I. I very happily tossed the last of my water bottles into the recycling bin last week, grateful to know that I won’t be responsible for any more of them ending up in the environment. Of course, there’s still the fact that we have water delivered in giant plastic containers that are recycled (and therefore subjected to hot washes), but I’m still trying to find an acceptable alternative. Yes, our tap water is clean and safe but it does taste quite strongly of…stuff…and often chlorine and I really don’t like to drink it. Dealing with this issue will be on my list of Green New Year’s Resolutions (stay tuned).

One more happy switch was made when I came across these mugs at my local big box store. I’d seen some at a friend’s house and was keeping my eyes out for them. One stack with four mugs was $7.99 so I grabbed two and now the kids can help themselves to drinks, I don’t have to worry about them breaking a mug, and I got to ditch their little plastic drinking cups. Yay!


Now granted for that price we’re not talking high quality metal here, but these are just used as drinking cups at home so liquids don’t stay in them for very long, thus less chance of leaching or a metallic aftertaste. 

I’m very happy with these latest additions to our household, and pleased to be taking yet another step away from plastic.


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  1. I got the girls Sigg bottles when we were in a German Airport. Hello Kitty did wonders with L and “lilyfee” was great for S. I love them and so do the girls!

    I still need one for me!


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