Dear Readers: need your advice

Having just posted yesterday about the recent property we viewed, and having decided for myself that I should pass given the busy road location, I’m now having second thoughts.

Turns out that right across the street is a network of trails for riding, hiking, and dog walking. The latter two are activities I partake in virtually every day so it’s important to me.

I can’t help but wonder if I’m being too picky. Given the place is “ready to go”, and given that we are City Slickers with no idea how to build even the simplest shed (though willing to learn), I think this has all the makings of the perfect Starter Acreage.

Eventually, should we end up liking the area and finding Country Living to be to our liking, we would look to moving up to a larger piece of land. So can I tolerate some traffic noise when all else is to my liking, given that this isn’t going to be where we stay “forever”?

I’m a first-time buyer, and though I long for life on an acreage I could use some experience, a good place to “cut my teeth”. Am I being too picky? What would you do?


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  1. Traffic noise is also something that drives me crazy. From your post yesterday it sounds like you didn’t get the “this is home” feeling from the place, so I would wager that eventually (if not sooner) the traffic noise would bug you to no end. Granted, you will probably hear traffic noise to some degree almost anywhere you decide to buy – we are about 3 kms off the beaten path and we can still hear cars and trucks go by on the one-lane highway. I’ve learned over the years that my gut usually knows what home is before my brain does. (Also, since you said it wasn’t going to be your forever home, you have to consider how much the traffic noise would bother potential buyers in future – if it bugs you it will probably bug them too, and make it harder to sell.) Anyway, my two cents!


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