We have a Plan

The house-hunting saga continues. Lately I’ve been feeling like we are not focusing enough on a specific plan. For example, we started out in one area looking for land to put a house on, eventually discovered that really it would be too expensive for us (despite what the bank says), especially given we weren’t sure how long we’d be staying there. So then we tried to find smaller acreages with houses on them but they, too, were expensive.

So then we finally decided (okay, more like I finally agreed…) to try looking elsewhere. We’ve been checking out different cities/regions around here and considering all sorts of setups. We’ve looked at 43 acre parcels of land, we’ve looked at small acreages with run-down houses, small acreages with nice houses and outbuildings (but on busy roads), we’ve even considered sharing a small acreage for a year (there’s a lease that isn’t up for a year and the rent from that would be pretty tempting). I swear, cruising MLS (the listing service for Canada) is addictive and leads you into temptation too easily!

After a weekend trip to one of these regions where we once again looked at everything from a modest 2 acre spread to an 80 acre lot I came home feeling really confused about what exactly we should be doing, where we should be doing it, and wondering if we will EVER figure it all out and just MOVE. It doesn’t help that Husband is rooting for one location while I am firmly cheerleading for another – and I’m not sure I’ll like any of these locations when I finally get there! But after mulling it over I woke up with a clear mind and we were able to come up with a plan to get this searching over with and find ourselves a home. We’ve set ourselves the following criteria:

1) a small acreage – the Starter Acreage – since neither one of us really knows what’s involved in keeping a large place and it would be good to cut our teeth on something small (i.e. between 1.5 and 5 acres)

2) something that has a bit of “fixer upper” potential, whether it needs fencing and outbuildings or minor improvements on the house, so that if we decide we hate the area and the market is stable we can get out with the hope of possibly making a bit of money

3) something cheap enough that if we decide we hate the area and the market goes south we aren’t going to lose our shirts

4) no bare land lots; the added stress of trying to get utilities hooked up, septic and well dug, and find some sort of dwelling to put on the land is just too much when we’ll already be dealing with having moved to a new town and Husband will thus be away in the City for a couple of days each week

No more being sidetracked by huge parcels for sale, or places that are all ready to go with perfect house and barn (but pushing the budget up too far). We’re going to stay focused. AND we’ve narrowed our search down to two specific areas. Husband will take one, I’ll take the other, and we have 3 weeks to present a list of properties (or even just one) that fit our criteria. We’ll take another 2 or 3 weeks to view them (since getting away to these places takes time and money). The one we like best will be where we end up.

I’m feeling much better now that we have a set plan. I have something to focus on and can look ahead to a deadline (which may be flexible; I mean, we’re not going to buy something we hate just to buy something). Here’s hoping!


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