With four days to go until the Moving Truck arrives things are getting to crunch time.

The kids have been amazing, dealing with near total neglect without much difficulty (thank you Nintendo for releasing Super Mario Bros Wii, which has bought me hours of packing time!).

Husband and I are as excited as kids at Christmas. All this talk of what we’ll need to get and what we plan to do is super fun. We did all the legal stuff this past Friday, which involved signing piles of documents and handing over a certified cheque. We are now officially done. All that’s left is to do is pick up the keys!

And, wouldn’t you know it, my consulting business suddenly picked up, with two of my new clients requiring completed reports right before we move! So in between packing and decluttering and organizing (oh yeah, and occasionally remembering to feed the children) I’ve been working too.

The only real casualty in all this, however, has been the dog. She is suffering from way too little exercise and the stress of having her home turned upside down. She is barking at everything that moves outside, following me around whining…it’s driving me crazy but at the same time I feel guilty for neglecting her. Lately my mantra has been “Hang in there girl, just X more days…”.

And this relates to one of the biggest and most immediate changes in my lifestyle when we move to our property. I will be able to exercise my dog without needing child care! I can take her outside and walk around our forested property while she chases squirrels, or just use my ball-throwing stick for a high energy game of fetch (even though our current suburban house has one of the biggest yards on our street, there is not enough room to throw my dog a ball and have the game burn off any meaningful amount of energy on her part). When we get back to three good exercise sessions a day my dog will return to her mellow, quiet self.

That will be just the start, of course, of numerous positive lifestyle changes. I am SO ready!


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