A Few Pics of the New Place

Slowly but surely we are settling in here. I have had a chance to snap some photos during our daily walks around here, and for all those friends and readers who asked…here they are. To get a feel for the layout, the property is basically a rectangle ~ 72 metres wide by ~ 285 metres long that is oriented North-South. The house is near the top (north end) of the rectangle, which is where the road is.

This first photo is our “front” yard. It’s actually not the side fronting the street, but the house (okay, it’s a mobile home, but I’m still gonna refer to it as the “house”) faces away from the road so we call it the front yard and behind the house (fronting the road) is the back yard. Confused yet? 😉 The driveway along the right of the photo curves to meet up with where the photographer (me) is standing.  My car is parked right behind me.

This is the view to my right (facing South) from the same spot as the previous photo. Some of those trees in the foreground will be coming down, and all that brush will be cleared. The path that the dog is on leads to a cross section of our property along which power lines run (not high voltage ones, just the usual street-sized lines).

This next picture is taken from where the dog was in the previous photo. It shows the view East along the power lines. To the right of the power line at ground level you can just barely see some fencing. We believe this is the eastern boundary of our property, but we’re not sure yet. All that brush needs to be cleared, which makes me wonder how often the power company comes by to do the job! On the other side of this boundary are our only next-door neighbours. We haven’t met them yet; apparently they are away a lot.

This next photo is taken from the same spot as the previous photo, but this time facing West. It goes up a little slope to a clearing. The property boundary on this side is about where the forest starts on the left of this photo.

You can’t see the gate in the above photo but if you pass through it this next photo is what lies on the other side (still facing West). This power line trail runs for about 40 km to a large lake. On either side of the trail is Crown Land. Up by the first power pole is a trail that goes to the left, down to an old railway line that is now a trailway that goes for miles. That trailway runs along the bottom of our property. Because our property is mostly treed and uncleared, this is really the only way we have of getting to the bottom of our lot right now! On the other side of the old railway trail are farms, which makes for a lovely walking route. I actually took the dog for a run along there a couple of days ago and it was just amazing to be out running with my dog and passing by farms with cows, horses, sheep, etc. What a change from our old neighbourhood!

This next photo is the trail that goes to the right from that same spot near the first power pole in the previous photo. This side of the power lines is a more extensive trail network as there are no roads or properties to the North or West for several kilometres. The particular trail we’re on in the photo below leads past an area of forest that has been turned into a paintball battlefield. There are shelters built of wood and brush behind which paintballers evidently hide. When I first brought the kids to it they were fascinated, and even more so when they found an unspent paintball pellet. We then proceeded to spend the next hour hunting through the woods looking for unspent paintballs. We even found a discarded paintball container in excellent condition so we brought home our collection that way.

If one does not take a side trail (as in the above photo) and instead just walks West from the property along the power lines, one comes to this view below. I first came across it on our first morning here while out exploring with Rain. It was misty that day, and there was smoke coming from the chimney of the farm house in the photo. It was very picturesque. Here the sun is just peeking out from the clouds. The little road on the left leads down to a Chinese Cemetary. I’ll have to find out the history of that place. You can see from where we are standing that there are many dirtbikes and ATV’s that go along these trails. They really tear up the ground. Fortunately for me there are also many horse riders that come through here (I’m one of those girls who loves horses).

I’ll finish off with a photo taken in our back yard (the yard that fronts the street). This is the most cleared and groomed part of the property, with little gardens over a wide “lawn” (mostly moss, which is just fine by me). You can see the corner of the house on the right of the photo. The white building in the left background is the pumphouse of our neighbours across the street.

I’m sorry there aren’t better photos but given that so much of the property is treed or brush right now, and basically unpassable, it’s hard to get more than this. We’re already making plans to start clearing the first section of the property, and I’ll document that with photos as we go along.


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