the Elk line

When we moved here we were told by the neighbours to be on the lookout for Elk. Apparently the local herd wanders through this part of their territory every few weeks this time of year and we were eager to take a look. Indoors, that is. We were told the herd matriarch is not afraid of anything.

Yet the other day when we were walking through our property and the dog started going crazy we were still surprised (and delighted) to see an enormous animal some distance away from us. She looked alot like this:

We were pretty sure it was an elk, and it sure took our breath away. She soon decided to get away from our barking (but, sensibly, not-approaching) dog and took off with a bound. There didn’t seem to be any others around and so we continued on our walk.

The next morning I went out with Daughter to a field trip with the local Young Naturalists’ Club. When we came back Husband said that the neighbours had called to warn that the herd was moving nearby. They suggested that we keep the dog, cat, and children indoors for a while. Sadly, Husband did not actually see any of them. But he said the dog was especially nervous and would not leave the area around the house. I thought it was super cool that the neighbours called. How sweet is that?

This female seemed huge compared to the deer we get around here, and represents the largest wild animal I have seen…in the wild, that is. I’m excited about seeing the herd come through. It’s so cool that we have such wonderful wildlife right in our backyard. Just one of the many things I’m loving about life in the country.


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