Getting lots done

I’ve been a busy bee this past week, taking advantage of warm temps and frequent bouts of sunshine to get things done around the farm. Mostly it’s been aesthetic projects and general tidying-up on a large scale.

The first project I tackled was the log jam in the driveway. After the tree fallers left there were several logs left lying around the pathway to the house and driveway. I decided that the easiest way to get rid of them was to line them along one side of the driveway.

That’s not all of the driveway in the photo above, and some of the logs were so big I had to use the ATV to pull them into place. It was a hard days’ work but I was very pleased with the results and very proud of myself!

After the logs were removed I could see that the other side of the driveway needed trimming, so I got out the weed-whacker. That side of the drive is lined mostly with flower beds that have rock borders. You couldn’t see the rocks for all the grass and weeds growing alongside them until I got whacking around there. It all looked much better after I was done.

Next it was time to tackle the garden beds themselves. These were here when we moved in, and someone once took great care of them and planted things that my neighbours ooh and ahh over and which are clearly wasted on me. I’m not that into gardening. I love growing food, but am not so enamoured of gardening that I want to spend time and effort on stuff that just looks nice. I don’t know what most of the plants are, and I wasn’t always able to tell the weeds apart from the other plants. Still, I know a dandelion when I see one and there were dozens of huge ones. I also removed a few evergreen bushes that looked really sickly and gangly, and some other plants I didn’t like the look of. Then I replaced them with some plants a friend had given me. I watched Youtube videos on how to prune a rhododendron, as we’ve got a few that grew gangly because the trees were blocking their light. Now that they are gone I’m going to try and coax them back to bushy splendour. I also cleared the area around the two raised beds that lie against the house. One is full of strawberries and the other has garlic and raspberries. I didn’t know this until a visitor identified them for me, so you can see I still have lots to learn. The front garden area now looks really nice, but I still need to do the garden beds in the back yard (this is the small area between the house and the road that is only used by the kids when they play on the trampoline; the house faces away from the road looking out over the farm). These are lower down on the priority list right now so they’ll have to wait.

My current project is creating a campfire hangout. We have friends coming to visit next month for Daughter’s birthday and I want to create an outdoor entertaining space. Think: sitting around a campfire roasting hotdogs. There’s a clearing near the front of the house that would make a good spot. In fact, when we moved here we noticed it had the remains of a fire pit. However, it turns out the clearing is where our septic tank is buried and where the drainage field is. I’m not really sure if it’s a good idea to build a fire pit there but I’ve started cleaning it up a bit anyways. I cut down some small maple trees as they were growing too close to the buried tank. And I’ll be cutting down the ferns, salal, nettles, and other weeds to prepare for reseeding the drainage field with a grass mix designed for that purpose. It’s too bad because it’s a lovely clearing and would be handy for access to the kitchen, but I don’t want to mess with something as important as the septic system.

Meanwhile I’ll keep thinking about where to put the firepit. Other projects lined up for this week include renting a utility trailer to haul off all the trash we’ve dug up while land-clearing (the pile has become an eyesore I cannot ignore any longer), and cutting the firewood logs into 12″ lengths so we can split them for firewood. This will involve renting a log splitter as there is just too much for a couple of newbies to tackle on their own by hand: time is of the essence here because the wood needs to be stacked ASAP or it won’t be dry before winter.

I’ve really enjoyed all the outdoor work, but today I confess when it dawned a cool, cloudy day I decided to stay inside and watch movies!


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  1. Whew! You were busy. Do you feel like the place is finally shaping up? If so, come on out my way and help me get there. 😉


  2. […] alongside the driveway, but mostly because this required no clearing (other than moving aside the logs I so diligently rolled into place by hand last year!). It will allow the pigs access to the wooded area within, which we think will […]


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