the Fire Pit

It has been busy around here, as evidenced by my lack of posting. First, I had a major work project that took up most of the last week. Then my in-laws came for a visit. And of course the weather has been really nice and I’ve been outside whenever I can.

I finished a project this week in time for the family visit – a fire pit area with seating so we can roast hot dogs and socialize. The area had been used as a place to put cut logs and also any garbage found around the property as we were land clearing. This wasn’t just pop bottles and plastic wrappers, but many car parts, old strands of rusty barbed wire, roof flashing, car mats, etc. I finally got the stuff sorted and got Husband to haul it off to the dump. Then I cut down a few small maple trees and weed-whacked the heck out of it. Here’s the Before and After:

It’s conveniently close to the house, and the large Maple to the right of the photo provides lovely shade and dappled lighting. We have a couple more large logs to bring over for seating, and I need to level a ring around the firepit and finish it with rocks (the concrete blocks were salvaged from the stuff we dug up during our land clearing).

The only problem, potentially, is that this area is where our septic tank and drainage field are. The fire pit spot was already piled with ashes when we moved here, so someone had used it before. Still, we are going to do some experimental digging around there just to confirm that things are where we think they are. A fire pit on top of your septic tank would not only make inspections unpleasant, but the heat could melt the tank top. It could also melt the drainage pipes. We’re pretty sure that neither of those things are too close to the fire pit, but we’re going to check just to be sure.

I’ll end this post with a photo of some of the first strawberries to ripen. The small raised bed beside the trailer was full of them when we moved here and I have done virtually nothing with them. So I was delighted to see some red ones the other day – they haven’t reached their peak of ripeness but are still sweet and tasty. I don’t think these will last long! Oh, and when I was out walking the dog last night I saw my first ever wild strawberries; very cool!


One response to this post.

  1. Nice photo of the strawberries, ours are behind so we’ve driven far to go picking. Mind you we only have 5 plants so there will only be enough to snack on 🙂

    *Love* the fire pit. That is what we’re missing and hoping to put in once we decide where. I want it to be out of my view for every day , but near enough to the house to make it easy to get back and forth from.
    And I don’t want to smoke out the chooks, as they have sensitive respiratory systems, and likely wouldn’t appreciate it! Somewhere, somewhere…

    Take care, say hello to all,




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