Lazy Days of Summer

Not much going on around the farm these days in terms of major projects. I have finally decided where my vegetable garden will be next year and that is a huge load off my mind. I’ve chosen to put it in the “back yard” (which actually fronts the street). Turns out that area gets way more sun than I thought (I’ve been watching it carefully throughout the day for the last couple of weeks) and it’s right outside my back door which makes for easy harvesting. Nobody really uses that part of the lawn and I noticed the grass is growing thick and healthy there (as opposed to higher up the gentle slope where it’s a sea of dandelions). According to my gardening bible I should make my raised beds in the fall, seed them with cover crops, and let them sit over the winter until it’s time for spring planting. I can’t wait!

Of course a garden means deer fencing and I’m trying to figure out how best to do this given that the fencing will be on the road frontage and along the driveway and nothing says “stockade” like 7 ft high fence posts. This article at Mother Earth News says that you can avoid the stockade look by putting in double fences – apparently deer have poor depth perception and won’t try to jump it. I’ll need to research that a bit more. Besides protecting the garden, I need to fence off an area around the house so the dog can’t run off the property. Right now she’s confined to the deck when necessary and I seem to be the only one who remembers to close the gate (in fairness, it’s used pretty heavily and it’s starting to sag so closing it requires some effort). I’m going to look into pricing soon so we can decide how much we can do at once and where it should go.

Meanwhile, summer is here and it is lovely. Here are some photos from around the farm:

My first tomatoes have ripened and they are delicious. These are Tiny Tims, I believe. I can’t believe these plants survived, let alone are producing fruit. I have only watered them once since planting (twice if you count tonight) and we’ve barely had any rain in weeks.

Husband planted some generic wildflower seed mix he bought at the feed store along the side of our new field bordering the parking area in front of the garage. They took forever to sprout and only one section of the strip produced anything. But what did grow there is putting on a lovely show of colour these days.

Finally, the crimson clover in our field has bloomed and it looks gorgeous. We’re pretty pleased with how the field turned out given we had no idea what we were doing when we raked and seeded it. The soil in places is pretty bad so we’re amazed stuff grew at all. It’s somewhat patchy in places but that could very well be due to our hand broadcasting technique (which we later read doubles the suggested seeding per square footage amounts). It’s no problem, though. We can reseed the field at the end of the season and should have a lovely thick field next spring.


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