Warning: Blog Merge Ahead

Back when I first started this blog, it made sense to separate it from my other blog because this one was focused on the subject of Simplicity. Simply Living encompasses so many aspects of lifestyle and life choices that it was easy to write loads on the subject. Enough to fill a blog, as one might say.

Now that it’s just focused on our homestead, I’m running out of things to write about regularly. I could delve into related subjects if I had the time, but my time for blogging is limited and I need to use my resources wisely. I don’t really have time for two blogs anymore, and my interests are focusing more on family life, unschooling, parenting older children, and of course homemaking. I feel like the posts I’ve been making here lately would fit just as well on my other blog.

So…I’m going to be putting this blog to rest. From now on I’ll be posting solely on my other blog, FreeLearning, and will include posts related to our homestead over there (under appropriate tags if you care to follow along). Thanks to all my readers and commenters for helping to create a sense of community here!


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