Driveway Facelift

Note: this post was originally published on October 6 on my other blog

With the end of summer upon us, and winter just around the corner, now is the time to get some Farm Projects crossed off our list before it gets too cold and wet. A couple of weeks ago we bought a shed. It’s nothing special, a vinyl lock-together model, but we got it half-price. The hardware store left them out in the open display area after weeks of no rain and, of course, it promptly rained and ruined the cardboard boxes the sheds were packed into. So for half-price we simply had to stack the pieces in the back of the truck, sans boite.

We planned to put it along the field side of our parking/garage area at the end of our driveway. This section was muddy and apparently had never been gravelled. The rest of the driveway had been at some point but the weeds had taken over and it sorely needed a new layer of rocks. We realized that it would be handy to put down some gravel under the shed foundation, and since there’s a gravel supply place not far from here it turned out to be quick and easy to just get a whole dumptruck full of the stuff. We figured we’d do the whole parking area, including the shed region, and however much of the driveway we could on one load.

The guy came and did the best he could at spreading it evenly given our highly curved driveway and parking area. But we still had numerous piles and, without a ‘dozer of any kind, we were left to spread the gravel with nothing but a small spade, two metal rakes, and our own sweat and hard labour.

I have to admit it felt good to get out there and Work again, something I haven’t really done since we prepped the new field for seeding. It took a couple of days for us to spread the stuff. Setting up the shed was easy. I added some logs around the border and made a couple neat parking spaces for the car and truck.

Then of course I realized how ugly my overgrown, weedy garden looked so I tackled that next. The photos below show what the garden side of the parking area looked like before and after the gravel was spread and you can see the overgrown garden in the “before” shot. In the “after” shot you can actually see the garden’s rock border AND the bit of lawn behind it…

And here are before and after shots of the shed area (note our Elk herd in the background of the “before” shot!):

Not only is it great having the extra storage space (we can actually park the Quad in the garage again), but it was an excuse to tidy up an area that had become an eyesore and a dumping ground. Two trips to the dump and a truckful of gravel later, and wow – what a difference. Soon we’ll get another dumptruck load to finish off the rest of the driveway.


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  1. We were just talking about whether we should gravel our driveway yesterday. Yours looks great! But, to do ours would cost way more than we have left in the budget after doing everything the county made us do here and we’ve been working so hard on that physically, we don’t have the energy left to spread it either. Come the rains, though, I expect we’ll have to figure something out though since the excavators used a fill that gets really muddy when wet.


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