New Blog…

This is going to be the last post here at Rural Aspirations, for a variety of reasons.

With family life getting busier and new interests competing for my free time I no longer have time to blog regularly, and certainly not to maintain several blogs as I have off and on over the years. Each focussed on specific topics so as to attract readers from specific online/blogging communities. But my new blog will be one place that holds everything. Instead of being a representation of our family and lifestyle as a whole, it will be more personal: a place for me to reflect, process my thoughts through writing, and document the process of raising children with autism and building a homestead. I’m not even sure what I mean anymore when I use the word “homestead”, but I’ll explore that too.

My new blog is called Hideaway Farm, which is the name I’ve chosen for our little piece of paradise-in-the-rough. It isn’t necessarily the official farm name, but it’s my name for the farm and that makes the blog somehow more personal to me. I thank you for following along with the story of how we ended up fulfilling our “rural aspirations”. Maybe I’ll see you around the new place some time.



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